Alphabetical Listing of Laboratory Products

Find our research laboratory supplies quickly with this index. Our lab supplies are listed in alphabetical order, and quick links (below) let you navigate quickly through the page. Popular laboratory equipment and consumable supplies are listed on this product index.  This icon indicates that you may download the printed catalog page for the category listed.

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Aneurism Clips
Animal Lancets
Animal Temperature Control


Biopsy Punches
Black Coating
Bone Cutters, Rongeurs
Bone Instruments


Carbon Fiber Tipped Forceps
Catheters, Research
Clearance 25-50%
Clearance 25%
Clearance 50%
Clips & Clamps
Cranial Opening
Cutting Edge 1/2 Needles
Cutting Edge 3/8 Needles
Cutting Edge 5/16 Needles
Cyanoacrylate Glues


Desiccator Accessories
Diamond Coated
Diamond Coated Tips
Disposable Cautery
Disposable Electrodes
Disposable Knives
Dissecting Forceps
Dressing Forceps
Dry Sterilizer
Dumont Tweezers
Dumostar Tweezers
Dumoxel Tweezers
Dura Dissectors


Ear Punches and Tags
Economy Disposable Instruments
Economy Scissors
Economy Unit and Tips
Electrosurgery Extras
Epoxy Adhesives
European Surgical Instruments
External Fixation


Filter and Gel Handling
Forceps, Titanium


German Forceps
German Needle Holders
German Rongeurs
German Scissors


Hand Retractors
Hemostatic Forceps
Hemostats, Titanium
Hooks & Probes
Hot Melt Glues


Instrument Care Products
Intraocular Forceps


Left Hand Scissors
Left Hand, Left Hand Needle Holders
Left Handed Needle Holders
Left Handed Scissors


Micro Drill
Micro Scissors
Microinjection Syringe Pumps
Microscopes for Surgery
Microsurgical Knives
Mini Plates
Misc Titanium Instruments
Miscellaneous Forceps
Miscellaneous Scissors


Needle Holders
Needle Holders, Titanium
New Surgical Instruments
Non-Reflective Instruments for Microscopy


Optical Sensing Solutions
Orthopedic Instruments
Other Kits
Other Surgical Accessories


Periodontal Surgery


Regine Tweezers
Return Electrodes
Ring Handle Needle Holders
Ring Scissors
Rodent Brain Matrices
Round Handle Scissors
Round Hollow Handle Tweezers


Safety Scalpels
Sapphire Blades
Sapphire Knives
Scalpel Blades
Scalpel Handles
Scalpels & Knives
Scissors, Titanium
Screws and Plates
Self-Retaining Retractors
Silicone Adhesives
Single Or Limited Use Microsurgical Instruments
Skin Staplers
Spatulas, Depressors & Retractors
Spoons & Spatulas
Spring Handle Needle Holders
Spring Scissors
Stainless Steel Scissors
Stainless Steel Tweezers
Standard Scalpels
Standard Scissors
Sterilization Trays
Sterilizers & Cleaners
Sterilzation Baskets And Trays
Student Fine Tweezers
Student Kits
Student Spring Scissors
SuperCut Scissors
SuperCut TC Scissors
Surgery Tables
Surgical Accessories
Surgical Adhesives
Surgical Extractions
Surgical Instrument Storage
Surgical Instruments
Surgical Kits
Swabs & Brushes
Swiss Instruments
Swiss Scissors
Swiss Tweezers


Taper Point 1/2 Needles
Taper Point 3/8 Needles
Taper Point 5/16 Needles
TC Blade Scissors
Tenotomy Scissors
Thermal Cautery Units
Thumb Forceps
Tissue Forceps
Tissue Forceps
Titanium Forceps
Titanium Scissors
Titanium Surgical Instruments
Titanium Tweezers
Tungsten Carbide Forceps


Ultrasonic Cleaners


Vascular Catheters
Vessel Cannulation
Vessel Cannulation Forceps
Veterinary Dentistry
Veterinary Instruments
Veterinary Kits
Veterinary Sciences
Veterinary Surgery
Veterinary Surgical Kits
Vitrectomy Scissors


Wire Baskets
Wire Cutters
Wire Retractors
Wound Closure


1.5mm Cortex Screws
2.0mm Cortex Screws
2.7mm Cortex Screws

Common Laboratory Equipment for Universities and Contract Research Organizations

Some of our popular laboratory products include our EVOM2 and REMS systems which are used for making manual and high throughput TEER measurement. TEER measurement is designed for determining cellular confluence in multi-well plates.

Our UMP3 Ultra Micro Pump is a compact syringe pump which can be mounted on a stereotaxic frame or micromanipulator. It delivers accurate aliquots in the microliter range. We have other pumps for delivery of nanoliter injections (NANOLITER2010) and picoliter injections (Pneumatic PicoPumps). With hundreds of published references, these three pumps are preferred choices of many life science researchers. Whether you are working with zebrafish, xenopus, c. elegans or drosophila, we have a range of microinjection pumps and other laboratory supplies you will require.

For electrophysiology studies, we manufacture high quality, low noise amplifiers for extracellular and intracellular recording. Our DAM (differential amplifier) series are well known as a standard of the industry for extracellular potential amplification. We also offer stimulators, isolators, pulse generators and data acquisition systems.

If you are performing small animal surgery, take a look at our broad line of surgical instruments. We offer a competitively priced standard line of stainless steel instruments. And, we carry a full line of titanium instruments which are lighter weight and last much longer. Scissors and needle holders, also called needle drivers, can be purchased with tungsten carbide inserts for better gripping power and durability. Surgical scissors come in a wide variety, including spring scissors, Vannas scissors, micro scissors, supercut scissors with a micro serrated edge or student scissors. In addition, we offer hooks, probes, ronguers, forceps, hemostats, knives, tweezers and much more.

We stock other small animal surgical equipment researchers need, like anesthesia systems for rodents, ventilators for small animals, warming plates for maintaining body temperature and stereotaxic frames.

We manufacture laboratory instruments for electrophysiology, muscle physiology, spectroscopy, tissue and cell biology, and biosensing free radical analysis. 

Consumable Laboratory Supplies

We stock many popular products that laboratories use on a daily basis. Basic supplies like adhesives, luers and fittings are always necessary. Silicone adhesives like KWIK-SIL are exceptionally useful for neuroscience applications, peripheral nerve studies and similar biomedical applications. Our popular Fluorodish cell culture dishes have optical grade glass bottoms. This makes them the preferred culture dishes for both classical and fluorescence microscopy. We offer a large variety of glass capillaries: single barrel, multi-barrel, septum theta, and piggy back. Whether you are pulling your own micropipettes for microinjection, patch clamping or making your own microelectrodes for muscle physiology or neuroscience applications, your project starts with quality glassware. We carry pipetters and tips, laboratory appliances (balances, centrifuges, hotplates), micromanipulators, microscopes and cameras.

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